Saturday, 24 February 2018

My Two New Beauty Obsessions

Happy Saturday loves! Today I'm sharing two inexpensive items I'm loving right now for my skin!

The Jade Stone!

It's believed in Chinese medicine that the jade stone has healing properties, and it's also known as the stone of eternal youth! So why not incorporate it into your skincare regimen, right? Here's the two items I'm using and loving:

Jade Facial Roller

  • it helps to remove excess fluid under the eyes (goodbye bags)!
  • i keep it in the freezer and use in the morning to help any puffiness in my face, especially under the eye area
  • so refreshing- it's a nice pick me up in the morning

Jade Gua Sha Stone

  • drains the lymphatic system in your face
  • i use at night before bed once i've put on my moisturizer 

Why I love these two products:

  • It only takes a few minutes a day to do. 
  • I've noticed a difference in my skin (texture and my fine lines on my forehead are less visible)
  • Both cost less than $20!!
  • It's a natural and safe way to improve the look of your skin
  • Both increase blood flow which makes your skin glow
  • Both relieve tension in the muscles which help with smoothing wrinkles

TIPS: I put my moisturizer on first. It helps to glide the stone along your skin, especially with the jade stone. And I feel like it really sets my moisturizer in.

Give it a try for at least two weeks  DAILY.

Most people I've seen that use both items prefer the stone ( I do too.) But the roller is nice for my puffy under eyes in the AM.

You don't need to use a lot of pressure when using the roller and stone. It should be gentle and relaxing.

Here's the direction in which you should use to drain the lymphatic system properly.

Let me know if you try these out!


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