Tuesday, 25 July 2017

How I go 3 (sometimes 4) days without washing my hair

I hate washing and blow drying my hair. I'm jealous of girls with thick hair that can go 5 days without washing their hair! I have fine hair, so it's not as easy for me. But if you can relate to me, then read down below and hopefully my tips will help you extend your blow dry.
Day 1 Blow dry and curl.  Day 2 Did nothing to my hair. Day 3 Dry shampoo.

My first step is taking the time to give yourself a really good blow dry when you shampoo your hair. Like I mentioned, I have fine hair, so the days when I go to sleep with my hair wet or do a quick blow dry, my hair looks flat and oily the next day.
I recommend using a round brush, like this one, to give yourself some volume. 
Again, this is the key step in going days without washing/blow drying your hair.

Day two I usually will tease my hair if it needs more volume, but if the blow dry was good enough I can usually go without. I'll also curl my hair into loose waves this day if I didn't the previous day. This is usually my best hair day.

Day three I usually have to use some dry shampoo, or recently I've been using THIS as my DIY dry shampoo. Works just as well as store bought dry shampoos. I actually like this better because it doesn't have all the chemicals in it. Please note, this is for light hair. I don't recommend using this powder if you are a brunette. I've heard cacao powder works for darker hair though!

Day four, if I can make it that long (I usually can't unless I'm not leaving the house)  I'll usually put my hair up in a messy top knot or pony tail. This is normally the longest I can go. And I usually wash my hair this night.

Other factors that help:

  • Fresh colour or highlights
  • Don't touch or play with your hair! (I am guilty of this)
  • Every few months I'll add some baking soda to my shampoo (this helps remove build up on your hair)
  • When I have nothing going on, I'll often wash my hair at night and go to bed with my hair wet to give it a break from styling

 I hope you enjoyed this post!

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