Wednesday, 19 October 2016

My three favourite F words; Fall, Flannels & Forever 21!

I absolutely love fall. It's my favorite season, for so many reasons. 
  • Memories of going back to school and back to school shopping for clothes and school supplies.
  • The weather and the changing of the leaves.
  • Fall tv shows. (I love my tv time)
  • Chai tea and pumpkin spice lattes! ( and pretty much anything pumpkin, am I right?)
  • Halloween, obviously. A whole month of scary movies on tv!
  • The fashion.  I love layers and sweaters... and flannels!

As seen in these photos. I clearly live in flannels all season.  My favorite place to buy them is from Forever 21 because they're usually all priced around $20 so I can buy a few at a time.  Here's a few of my favs, including both of my flannels, down below. 

Happy fall!


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