Friday, 31 August 2012

Beauty Secrets

So I just wanted to share two of my recent beauty purchases that I really love. Usually when it comes to makeup I go for the pricier brands because they're usually worth the money. But since I live in the middle of nowhere now, I've had to lower my standards a bit. Two products that I love (and are cheap!) are:

Revlon Photo Ready Makeup Foundation ( I was seeing it a lot on many beauty blogs so I gave it a try, and I really like it.) I use 004 Nude.

The other product is Dream Lumi highlighting concealer. I actually like this highlighter better than Smashbox. I also use this is Nude.

I'm wearing both today. It lasts all day. And with the price you can't go wrong. xo


  1. Know of any cheap powder thats good? :)

    1. That I haven't found yet, but if I do, I'll let you know!